In you can check important information about your account funds available, orders (pending, inprogress, completed, cancelled), support tickets and new notes from admin.

In you can add new order selecting service then package and type in the url (check faqs to see the proper url format for that service), and quantity between min and max for that package.

In you can place mass order using this format "package_id|quantity|link" each order line by line.

In you can check information about all your orders and their statuses.

In you can add funds to your account using PayPal or Stripe currently.

In you can open support tickets, also you may use our Contact options.

In you have information about how using our api to automatizate your orders. You will need your API token for that, get it from here .

In you can check all active services from our panel, their prices per 1k, min and max quantities, with their short description.


100% Real - Guaranteed

Eligible For Royalties

Safe & Anonymous

Mostly USA Listeners

Custom Delivery Rates

Steady Stream of Plays

Plays Average 90+ Seconds

Increase monthly listeners like Streamify

For TRACKS: use your track url.

For ALBUM: use your album url. Plays will be splitted between Traks

For PLAYLIST: use your playlist url. Plays will be splitted between Traks

For ARTIST: use your track url. Plays will be splitted between featured Traks